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Alphabet (Small) Flash Cards


Shape Flash Cards

tutee flash cards shape

Stationery Flash Cards


2 in 1 Functions Flash Cards

✅ Photographic Memory Input (Picture Cards)
✅ Language Input (Word Cards)

☞ Colourful and attractive pictures that capture children’s attention
☞ Help to improve concentration and learning ability

Product Details:
Card size: A5 (21 x 14.8 cm)
Each set contains 21 pieces of cards, both side printing (one side picture and the other word).
Thumb glove is available for better grip while flashing card.


Why Use Flashcards?

  1. Expand Children’s Knowledge
    • Various topics can be introduced to children using flashcards during infancy and toddlerhood.
    • Flashcards are fun learning where the children will focus and engage.
  2. Improve Visual Memory
    • The images and the speed of flashing will stimulate the right brain (also known as image brain) if done in the correct way.
    • Flashcards will help children to improve their concentration and memory power.
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The flashcard game is effectively used to develop students’ information literacy skills. The benefits include improving language skills, increasing the ability to compose stories, memorizing, analyzing a problem, and enriching vocabulary.

When used correctly, flash cards allow students to interact with information in a way that makes it easier to retain. As your child engages active recall and confidence-based repetition, flash cards allow for another process called spaced repetition.

Teaching vocabulary by using flashcards can make the students excited and understand on the English vocabulary. Instructional media such as flashcards also give a clear concept of information given. Flashcards can give variations in teaching learning process. It is used according to the theme of the lesson.


Why do we separate the picture and word?
There is a term in psychology called “Picture Superiority Effect” that says pictures and images are more likely to be remembered than words. By using picture as part of the learning strategy one can improve the recall ability.

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